Frequently asked questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTION: Do I need to provide my own Phone Verified Accounts (PVA)?

  • ANSWER: No. We will use our own PVAs to post your ads. This saves you money.

  • QUESTION: What does “GHOSTING” mean?

  • ANSWER: A ghosted ad is one that is posted but never goes up on the website. We do not charge you for ghosted ads. Refunds for ghosted ads will be processed after 30 days.

  • QUESTION: What does “FLAGGING” mean?

  • ANSWER: Flagging means that your ad was visible on the website. However, the website took the ad down after a period of time. This is usually caused by competitors reporting ads as SPAM. We charge for flagged ads due to the fact that our Backpage and Ad Posting Guys has no control over it.

  • QUESTION: What days of the week do you post ads?

  • ANSWER: Our ad posting services post ads seven (7) days a week.

  • QUESTION: How many ads can be posted daily?

  • ANSWER: We post ads manually and we can post minimum 10 ads per day per client and maximum 500 ads per day per client.

  • QUESTION: How will I know if my ads have been posted and are visible on the website?

  • ANSWER: At the end of each day, our Craigslist and Backpage poster experts will send you an e-mail with a report attached showing you where to go and view your ads.

  • QUESTION: Do I have to create my own ads and titles?

  • ANSWER: See “Services” Page of this website for details.

  • QUESTION: When do I have to pay for your service?

  • ANSWER: Full payment is required when you place your order.

  • QUESTION: Once I have paid for service, when will my ads be posted?

  • ANSWER: Your ads will be posted within 72 hours of your order being processed.

  • QUESTION: How long will my ad campaign run?

  • ANSWER: You decide the length of your campaign.